Thursday, 12 April 2018

friends are for

Friends are for to back you up when your in a fight or when you get hurt. well most people will treat them like their backbone which mean i got your back and all sorts of words like Friends,Bros,Mates.

Some people think different to friends like keeping secrets from them and not telling them the truth. when your friends are having trouble with any thing always help them out when you are jealous at your friend don't do anything stupid and grow a tension on it. and cause a unforgettable fight.

When you are with your friend in learning time. cooperate with your maths problems

And try work it out together in any time reading writing maths inquiry just give them a big help so they can help you when your feeling like your work is hard.

On a good day on the way to school and you see your friend say hi or sup shake hands brofist or just wave. always greet your friends with a star of the day. And when it's their birthday you can give them a present or go over to see him at his birthday.

A time when it is learning time help them explain how it works and when time is up give them a hi five or brofist at least make up a handshake to get into the mood in writing reading maths anything also when they have no lunch and when you do give them some of your lunch because sharing is caring.

Friends can also be your family like your pet your sister and brother mom dad cousin aunt uncle grandma Nan grandpa. you can even play with your friends like online games just to play on when your feeling bored take turns on a game.

Look out for each other when some older tries to take your friend help him out if a big dog attacks your friend help him out when he's having trouble with his parents talk to him help him because that's what friends are for.

But sometimes you can't help them but always just try cause that's what friends are for to help you play with incorege him when you have other friends still help them out to be like a superhero save the day make people happy.

When your mom is feeling down help her when your brother help him your sisters help your other family side help your nana when she's in the hospital care about her stay with her keep compernie.

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