Wednesday, 11 April 2018

They Walk Among Us

During world war 1 was over a man name Jared he was at a age of 19 a us soldier he was born in Ireland he fort in the army for his family. his village was attacked by Germans he fort his family was getting attack it would take him 2 days to get back to his village and it took him 3 hours to get there by vehicle to get to the trenches. and if he walks back he would get shot instantly in war zone.and then fort it would be a good idea to send a message by bird he wrote his letter and tied it to the bird. but then suddenly he lets go of bird then he sees it get shot right on the shoulder unfortunately the bird was gone.

He shock his heart to see that his luck was going down when he goes home and he doesn't see his family. until a boy looks of the age at 17 name Hondill Mexican soldier came up to him and shook his hand and said good luck out there brother and Jared respond. good luck out there matey war is all there is around here. Hondill gave him grim he told him that he was going back home until he saw his family killed he saw 300 hundred Nazi soldier walk through our village taking everything and his cousins and uncle ran but only Hondill made it out.

Jared tried to cheer him up.but Jared knew he could trust him because he told me i was the only one that told me the story Jared told him to get some sleep and Jared would keep a look out.suddenly BOMB BANG lots of Bombs were hitting there trenches men getting covered up by dirty men charged without order they only wanted revenge as you could tell by the looks on there face.

Hondill and Jared ran but Jarred had to go back to B HQ and Hondill stayed and fight 2 Days Later Jarred came back to the Trenches but unfortunately there was no sight of Hondill 2 boys at the age of 18 and 16 the 16 year old boy said he was 17 but he was only 16 they came and said we are sent to B base HQ and Jarred said do you know a man name Hondill they said he didn't make it the only way they knew he was dead it was because they only found his head Jarred stayed Quiet over the Delt that he felt because he abandoned him and so Jarred Ask for there names bill was the 18 year old boy Thomas was the 16 year old boy.

To Be Continued

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