Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A lot of rubbish goes in the water and kill a lot of new zealand fish its
Sad because there are lots of rubbish in the sea its gross all the fish the water thinks the rubbish is food sadly turtles eats the rubbish on mistake all the fish die  

Because of us putting rubbish in the water or putting rubbish in the drane and all the
Dirty water goes to a place that cleans it your not aloud to put oil,paint,poison,
There are lots we are lucky in new zealand because the water we wasted gets cleaned again

But we should take care of our dranes because the
Drane water goes into the sea were all the fish
Are and that’s how people can kill fish two like turtle


  1. Hi Iki!!! Hope you have settled well into your new class this year. This is a very informative piece of writing about looking after our water and our oceans. I wonder what we could do to help? Keep up the good work.
    Miss Kay