Friday, 30 June 2017

get out of the house

                       Get out of the house                                                                                                           One good Night when mum was putting wood in the chimney and she was making dinner the fire suddenly got caught on fire because mum turned the heater on very high and the brown carpet got on fire fast going to the kitchen floor mum put the tea tell over the kitchen oven and the tea tell got on fire burning all the tea tells on the bench then the loud alarm went off and mum quickly went to get baby nora and sister griddle and brother hansoul they left the house and called the firefighters immediately.

When the firefighters got here half of the house was gone on fire in ashes so quickly so they went to put out the fire fast as possible because it will get big and bigger so They needed 3 firefighters to come and help us to put out the fire flames there were flames of smoke around the whole neighborhood.

Then the whole neighborhood came to look and all the people had to sleep somewhere else because the smoke was polluted in the fire so they had to sleep at there nans house for the week and when they got back the house was gone so they had to move out to a Different house.


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  2. Hey Iki.
    I like the way you wrote your story about a house fire. I mostly like the way you wrote very interesting words like immediately and polluted.

    Way to go.