Thursday, 17 May 2018


What facts do you understand from the text?

Space and the spaceship is something that.when space people go to space they research for information about all planets in the universe.the solar system Jupiter was discovered in 1610 by a telescope. Saturn was discovered in the same year which is the second biggest planet it was named after a roman god.same as the moon was discovered in 1610,Pluto was discovered in 1930,Neptune was 1846,and Uranus was found in 1781.

Question: Create some questions related to the main ideas from the text

How long does a spaceship stay in space for?437 days

How many times has a spaceship launched into space?

When was the first spaceship lunch in the Air to space?since 1981

How long has earth been around the solar system?4.51 billion years

Use your understanding of the text to create a timeline of what happened on the Apollo 11 mission.

Apollo 11 was launched into space in 1969 with the commander neil armstrong the pilot was michael collins and another pilot Edwin buzz.

They were both american men. The space ship was going 7 miles per second.


  1. good work me i like how you put it in paragraphs and in to sentences

  2. hi iki. i like your work on the space because i understanding the text. on 1969 the apollo 11 was launched into space