Friday, 18 August 2017

Walt write a procedural writing on giving directions

To give directions to mary to walk
From glenbrae school to point england school materia a map

1.walk to the gate
2.turn left on leybourne circle
3.Stop at the foot crossing
4.Turn right and walk towards fenchurch st
5.Turn right on taniwha st turn left into fenchurch stand walk
6.Towards taniwha st
7.Turn right on taniwha st at the junction of the fenchurch st
8.Walk towards the roundabout elstree ave
9.Stop at the foot crossing at taniwha st that is front of the st mary's church on the left
10.Cross the road at the foot crossing when it's clear
11.Walk towards the roundabout
12.Turn left onto Elstree ave at the roundabout
13.Walk past the gi swimming pools on the left towards point england road
14.Turn left at the roundabout and walk towards point england.

how to make a milo

WALT: write a procedure on how to make a cup of milo  

How to make a cup of milo

Materials:milk,hot water,cup,sugar,milo,hot water jug

  • First get a clean cup
  • pour some hot boiling water
  • Then some add chocolate milo
  • Now pour some milk into your cup
  • And then add two teaspoons of sugar
  • Now stir the milo until it become a hot milo

The Three legends

Friday, 4 August 2017

Yesterday we had our first club for term 3 our teacher miss Sigamoney and miss Elia it was in room 9 we had to tune our ukulele and learn how to turn the strings and strung the strings on the ukulele i felt very excited and happy to play and learn how to use a ukulele because then i will know how to play ukulele at home. when i know how to play i felt cheerful because other people were cheering me up when i was playing a ukulele.

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