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Dandiya stick dance 2

Dandiya stick dance

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Charlie with his lead on.
What is special about this breed of dog?

What types of food does this dog survive on?

It is a sporty dog

Dry kibble dog food

Which country is this breed of dog  from?

How long does this breed of dog live for?



What is this breed of dog weight ?

What is the height of this breed of dog?

8-6 kg heavy

What are some of the things you need to have if you want to keep this breed of dog as a pet?

33-36cm high

ID tag collar leash dog bed dog food dog toy


Building a Wharenui
The wharenui was to represents an ancestor.  

and a at the front the koruru carving represents a head.

A wharenui  literally big house is a communal house of the Maori people of New Zealand, generally situated as the focal point of a marae.

How long does a wharenui tribe stand for?

Why do they build wharenui?

When were wharenui built and how did they start their ideas.

They could stay until the chief is killed or has died.

They built wharenui to greet people from other countries.

This time was dutry world war 1 and 2 back in the 18 and 19.

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meeting house large house main building of a marae where guests are accommodated. Traditionally the wharenui belonged to a hapu or whānau but some modern meeting houses especially in large urban areas have been built for non tribal groups including schools and tertiary institutions.
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