Wednesday, 9 May 2018

PWC Community

Today the PWC community came on Wednesday we read a big book called toi toi it was full of lots of stories kids make each group had a teacher to read with i was with Mrs Katana but she said to call her G for short so we read lots of stories in the book like about rugby,Rainbow sends,Ghost train,storm,Mrs told us that she was 22 years old and turning 23 next week.

Then we my group we were just in kawhia all of us were in our house groups then we all read in a group like i read first then finished up to him. Then Pelenise will go second carrying from where i finished and Mrs katana would tell us the correct words when we say it wrong.

Me and my group learn lots from the book and the pages we read some of them were short most of them where long every time on a long story we would take turns to read each full stop we get up to.

On Wednesday i learnt that you could find worms in soil Erosion or just soil some of us got stuck in our reading like they would sometimes skip the line and the words like me i read a story and i just noticed i skip a line just like Pelenise when he missed a line everyone laugh but still helped him.

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