Friday, 24 March 2017

Title:What's for pudding

1. My Predictions:it’s about a girl her name is rosemary she was making
2. Pudding she starts with grated cassava
3. She grabs a handful of cassava  and squeezes the juice in a bucket

4.Key Ideas:she was making pudding for her and her friend

      1.Vocabulary and meanings: - Write at least 10  words down and its meaning.
      2.Cassava is a root from the floor people eat
      3.Pudding is a cooked sweet dish served after the main
      4.Package is something when you put in to give to someone
      5.patient able to accept or tolerate delay problems
      6.the typical of tropical
      7.Weigh past pasitible
      8.Parcel means to track and trace
      9.tong is a chinese association
     10.solomon is an island

My question and answers:why did she weigh the food with rocks:
Package it down

Summary:my summary is about what's for pudding and a girl called rosemary
And her friend joseph witch made food for her family and friend.

This article is about……the main idea is about making pudding and a girl called
Rosemary who makes the pudding for her and family and friend.

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