Monday, 13 March 2017

Title:The WitchettyPoms

  1. My Predictions:my prediction is about nanny when she wanted
  2. To get the Pomegranate fruit to grow it at her back yard
  3. She was angry because she only got 2 but she took the seeds out   

  1. Key Ideas:they go to the shops to get pomegranate the fruit from a tree  
          To plant it at the back yard

  1. Vocabulary and meanings: - Write at least 10  words down and its meaning.
           1. Pomegranate: it is a fruit from the tree
           2.Countries:island from other countries
           3 .Squeezed:crushing something like fruits that splat on the floor
           4. Eventually:means finally,lucky,happy,like to get there
           5. Grumbled:is like the meaning of angry,upset,mad
           6. Cordial:in a warm and friendly way
           7.Sign:signing something and signal,writing,
           8. Favourite:meaning food,place,and,game,
           9.Produced:means like build,break,
          10.Straight:means going up but not going down.

  1. My question and answers: Why did she wont pomegranate?
  2. Because she likes to eat that fruit and give them out for free
  1. Summary:the story is about when Nan wanted some pomegranates but they only got two so she was angry but she planted them.

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