Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Characters act in a big plot of a story, my character is going to be a scientist and his partner is going to be a brainy boy the scientist name is vin and the boy will. the scientist is the brainiest man in the universe he would be able to do teleportation through different realities and dimension and he would also use a flying magnifying ship to fly as fast then a rocket.

The will would have strong sound abilities that can hear from very far away will would most times test vins test like a test subject one time vin decided to give will a listen far away pill. well will was only a middle age kid so he fort it wa a lolly and he eat it which gave him that ability vin couldn't do anything cause it was already in he could if took it out of him but he just left it.

What would make my characters so interesting is that they go in any adventures lots of destruction explosion funny moments and also sad moments vin had a wife he tested a project he tried to put her memories into a robot but when it work the robot exploded with all her memories he tried to go back in time and save her but he can't go back and see himself.


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