Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Today room 10 was doing a fitness challenge in house groups Kowhai,rata.nikau,kauri,we jogged around the school courts 3 times and needed to stay together and then we get house points

Then we got in 4 house on the courts and we all had to do push ups
And do it 5 times some had to do dubble because there were not enough people
For the next activity we did sit ups but we had to lay or legs then pull them up
You had to put your feet on the circle if you don't your team will get low points for cheating

Then we did shuttle rum we had to run to the circle and run
Back to give the other person a turn to run finally we had the last person to run so we cherd

And then Mr nath assemble our house groups to line up quite lee
And we went class but we only get to drink after
We get to class and we go in  our groups

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