Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The GI library is an a important place in our community because there are lots of books with lots of information for people to read
There are book ages to for older people to read and find out for information to share

The GI library is the information place for glen inns and there is a learning community could the Theodore were people teach you to dance
And how to sing and how to play drums like a music center

The GI library has water taps inside to. and you get to connect free WiFi
And you can play on computer to play and work
And you can draw lots of pictures and color them in also they put out a competition for the coolest drawing or coloring  

Even you can print thing in the GI library you have to tell them to
Print so they give it and they give you books to read at home
You have to bring it back so other people read the book.

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