Friday, 22 September 2017

Glenbrae Duffy Role Model Assembly

Glenbrae Duffy Role Model Assembly

Niva was born in aviacargo and was a samoa she became a journalist in
New Zealand she came to our school Glenbrae and first she interjected

and then she read Glenbrae a book called kiss kiss yuck yuck it was about a lady always giving her nies a kiss kiss but he always said yuck yuck she would also always trick him into cool things like cool toy trunks to trick him to come.
out wherever he was then his nana fell of something big then went to the hospital and the little boy was always waiting for her out side then one bright sunny day nana came back home and the little boy ran to her and gave her to big smelly kisses and then Niva gave out some Duffy books to good readers in our School and then after we gave out the books miss repata put on the duffy

and then we sang and niva Joined in the singing with us and then lewisa thank Niva for coming and visiting Glenbrae school and then classes started getting sent out but room 10 stayed inside and played a fun game.

Mr Nath put his keys in the middle and we had each numbers and we had to try to get the key first or whoever got it and the person who didn't get it can tag them and and the person who has the keys losses the point and then they would have to swop with another team.

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