Wednesday, 27 September 2017

fire safety

Fire spreads when somebody lights something on fire on purpose or accident when somebody lights something on fire it can spread really fast and the fires oxygen only goes up   
If there is a fire it is better for you to be on your knees for safety and you always have to have a meet up place to be safe.

Fire hazards can make the oxygen polluted and even burn it can make your lungs stop from breathing so keep a tee shirt or tea tell to cover your mouth and your nose and make your way out in a safe perssion it's easier to go out your window if it is a 1 story house.

Fire safety if there is a fire your life is more important than your things so make sure you have instant finance so they can return everything just the way it was and if you have a pet also make sure you take him because he is also part of the family.

If a fire happens make really sure you know the firefighters phone number so they can put out the fire if you have a safe place outside i will suggest you to be at your neighbor's house
And ask to use there phone.

And don't try to put the fire out yourself with a house because you have to be safe
Wait until the firefighters get there and it is important to know where you live just say if i say i live i fenchurch but i actually live down laybourn circle letter box 1 he wouldn't now so it is important to know where you live.

When you are in a safe area you have to make sure where to stay for the night at your nana's unites house or even your neighbor's house you have to now if everybody is there or not and if everyone is safe or not.

Wake everybody up in your house when you're the only one awake that's only if you put your batteries in the fire alarm and test it if it is loud or not so they can wake up it is important to be with an adult to be safe.

Stay at your safe are spot until the firefighters come to house and when they put out the fire just let them do their job it may spread to other people's house if you're not quick the only thing you take with you is some clothes and a phone it all depends on the time if you're fast or not the cops might ask your mum and dad and siblings questions on how the fire happen.

Its best to meet up at the front not at the back because if you go to the back you will be trapped eventually all get burnt if there is a fire always be spart on where you're going
Out the window our out the front door or back.

If go frow the back door don't go jumping over the fence on your own before your mum and dad will think you're still in there and they will get you but you are already safe so he will be burnt that's why you have to be smart .

Its brutal to leave any one in there a person an animal  even yourself could be in danger yourself because the door handle could melt and t will lock so the things to do is grap a tell and wrap it around your hand and slightly punch the window and make your way out but do not cry and sit there to burn always do something because your life matters than anything else in the world also In a fire it is always to keep away from the car just in case it might blow up.

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