Tuesday, 31 July 2018


this morning room 10 went out to the school hall to do some Gymnastics we all had to take of our shoes and also socks then we first started of with a game called stuck in the mud but we have to jump on one foot and the taggers have to try and chase us.

after we played stuck in the mud we did over 7 activity first one was to hand stand and kick up after we had to spin as many times as we can after we finished all the activity we did some stretchers staring from our feet to our shoulders then so we had a game of octopus.

then at the end the man that was teaching us told all of us that he would not be hear on the next week so we all said goodbye to him but what he also said is that his boss is coming in he might to then we took our shoes and socks and room 7 came inside to do Gymnastics to.

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