Friday, 24 February 2017


  1. 20 x 5=100 d. 22 x 8=176
  2. 32 x 5=160 e. 31 x 10=310
  3. 52 x 6=312 f.  43 x 12=516


1. I have 150 bananas and would like to share these with my friends so that each friend gets the same number of bananas. In how many ways can I share these bananas?

2. Devina  has 120 sweets to share some  friends. How many sweets would each friend get if the number of friends she had were in multiples of 8?

3. Anthony delivered 210 Newspaper  to 7 local dairies.  Each dairy got 7 more newspaper then the other dairy. How many newspaper did they each get?

4. Richard shared 600 apples evenly among 25 students in Room 8. How many apples did each student get?

5. There are 180 apples. You are asked to share these apples equally using even numbers. How many apples would each person get?

6.  7 people collected some  shells from the beach. if they shared  the shells   equally among themselves, how many shells would each one get if they each collected shells in multiples of 7 between 7 and 35
7. Mathew shared 160 marbles equally among some of his friends. What are some of the likely ways to share these marbles?

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